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Jan 2, 2013

#nuclear #newbuild - Turkey

In September, Sulyman Sensoy, president of the Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies, addressing more than 100 Turkish and foreign academicians and scientists, announced plans to construct three nuclear power plants by 2023.

Source: Jay Lehr, Ph.D. (Science Director - Heartland Institute), "Don't dismiss nuclear power", The Orange County Register, Jan 2, 2013

March 11, 2008

* Pakistan - risk of nuclear proliferation to terrorists

January 30, 2008

front page clipping

This is from the front page of today's Turkish Daily News, of Turkey.

January 25, 2008

front page clipping

This is from the front page of today's The New Anatolian, of Turkey.

January 21, 2008

The prospects for nuclear power playing a role in Turkey's energy independence was discussed in front page story in today's Turkish Daily News. Between 1960 and 1990 Turkey was an advanced country in training nuclear scientists. "From among 1,300 or 1,400 scientists, Turkey could keep only a handful," said Professor Ali Nezihi Bilge. Others switched to other fields, went to study or work abroad, or are now retired," he said. Dr. Necmi Dayday, security inspector of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and member of Galatasaray University contrasted the importance attached to nuclear brainpower by Turkey to that of India, which decided to train its own atomic energy experts, not be dependent on foreign knowledge in the field, and trained over 2,500 specialists. A stark opposite of what Turkey went through, agreed Bilge. About 20 years ago, Istanbul Technical University's (ITU) Nuclear Energy Institute annually received over 100 graduate studies applications, but now the Institute is merely a branch of the University's Energy Institute, preferred by only five graduate studies candidates. "The department has eight professors and five people apply. We must train our own workforce if we speak of independence," said Bilge. The web version of the article is titled "Turkey to face serious brainpower deficit in nuclear power":

January 18, 2008

* Turkish front groups, and US and UK officials seem to be in thick of black market nuclear smuggling, sez 'Let Sibel Edmonds Speak' blogger

June 30, 2006

Turkey's plans to build 3 n-plants by 2015 draws interest from Russia, including proposal from Putin

Turkey: Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed to Turkey that the two countries cooperate in nuclear energy and space exploration. He made the announcement after meeting with Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer on 29 June. Russia's Atomstroyexport recently said it was 'ready to participate in the construction of nuclear power plants in Turkey'. Turkey recently announced plans to build three nuclear plants by 2015. (Nuclear Market Review, 30 June, p5; see also News Briefing 06.25-11)

[Source: World Nuclear Association, WNA News Briefing, July 4, 2006, item # NB06.26-11]

* [2006-05-31] Turkey may be interested in Russia’s big experience in nuclear energy.

* [2006-05-09] Nuclear Energy In Turkey
Turkish Press

* [2006-05-05] Turkey: Seeks Japanese cooperation on energy projects
Reporter.gr (Greece)

Turkey wants Japan to cooperate in or help fund major energy projects, including plans to construct the country's first nuclear power plant ...

* [2006-05-05] Turkey seeking Japanese cooperation, funding for nuclear and other ...
Turkish Daily News (subscription)

Turkey wants Japan to cooperate in or help fund major energy projects, including plans to construct the country's first nuclear power plant, a top Japanese ...

* [2006-05-05] French businessmen should spring into action
Turkish Daily News (subscription) (Turkey)

... On the nuclear issue, it is trying to break free of US pressure while keeping Turkey on its side. It is also managing its nuclear ...

* [2006-05-03] NRC to Discuss 2005 Performance at Turkey Point Nuclear Plant

February 11, 2006

* US officials, Turkish minister discuss construction of three nuclear plants
Umit Enginsoy (NTV Washington reporter), NTV television, Istanbul, 0800 gmt (translated from the Turkish by BBC Monitoring)

Turkey is planning to build three nuclear plants with an overall 5,000 Megawatts of power over the next 15 years. The location and project blueprints for the first one or two plants are expected to be announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan within a month. The first plant is planned to be completed by 2015. Considering that the plants will need huge amounts of water, eight possible coastal locations are being studied against 43 criteria. The projects are most likely to be implemented in the form of partnership between public and private sectors. Technology to be imported by foreign firms will be used in the project -- Ankara will ask for new technology, technology transfer, a good financial package, and a sound waste disposal plan.

December 28, 2005

Iran concerned about Turkey cooperating with US, Israel in air strike

Turkey, the USA's main ally among Iran's neighbors, has rejected any possible cooperation with the White House against Iran. Turkey's Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul has denied reports about an American proposal to smash PKK's bases in return for Ankara's cooperation in a possible air attack against Iran. The German news agency, DDP, had claimed that during his recent visit to Turkey the Director of the CIA Porter Goss had asked for the support of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a possible air attack on Iran's nuclear installations. In this connection, the Turkish foreign minister stressed: "The visit of high-ranking American officials to Turkey has had no connection with a third country, including Iran or Syria." In a press conference Gul added: "Such claims are mere speculation."

[Source: E'temad (Iranian newspaper) website, "Iran's negative answer to Moscow will be polite and formal [firm]", December 28, 2005 (translated from the Persian by BBC Monitoring)]

* Turkey 1998

from U Chicago 2004
from U Chicago 2004
U Chicago 2004 from NEA 2000 data
[Source: Nuclear Energy Agency (2000), as presented by THE ECONOMIC FUTURE OF NUCLEAR POWER: A Study Conducted at The University of Chicago, August 2004, p. 2-5]

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