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* In 2000, Commonwealth Edison parent company Unicom merged with PECO Energy to form Exelon, unifying the ownership and operation of Braidwood, Byron, Dresden, LaSalle, Limerick, Peach Bottom and Quad-Cities. Exelon also became part owner of Amergen, which during the same year acquired Oyster Creek from GPU Nuclear.

* "Because of various legal reasons, AmerGen (originally formed by PECo with BNFL, with the PECo share later taken over by Exelon) will continue to have a separate identity for a while, but the AmerGen and Exelon nuclear plants work under a single overall organization."
[Source: E. Michael Blake, "U.S. capacity factors: Does new ownership matter?", Nuclear News, May 2005, p. 31]

* In January 2009, Exelon fully absorbed Amergen, establishing Clinton, Oyster Creek and Three Mile Island-1 as Exelon reactors.

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Plants operated by AmerGen

Pressurized Water Reactor

Three Mile Island unit 1

Boiling Water Reactors


Oyster Creek

June 10, 2003

Oyster Creek union may be in for very hard time

There's an apparent impasse between union and management involving the 217 members of the IBEW amongst Oyster Creek's 450 workers. Contract negotiations began about a year ago, and the workers went out on strike on May 22. AmerGen has been able to use it's own nuclear staff from other sites to replace the striking workers. The company has even withdrawn the last and best offer.

[Source: Andrew Johnson (Staff Writer, The Press of Atlantic City), "Striking union N-plant workers set rally today", The Press of Atlantic City, June 10, 2003]

June 7, 2003

* Oyster Creek - company and union meet for first time since strike began, but negotiations moved backwards instead of progressing

* Oyster Creek - union cites safety implications of sweeping workplace rule changes desired by AmerGen

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