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The acronym glossary

A - atomic weight

AAC - Ambient Air Concentration

AARM - Agency Action Review Meeting (NRC)

AB - Amplitude Based Algorithm

ABA - Air Base

ABB-CE - Asea Brown Boveri - Combustion Engineering

ABEC - Aqueous Biphasic Extraction Chromatography (a new Tc99m generator)

ABI - Allied Business Intelligence

ABM - anti-ballistic missile

ABWR - Advanced Boiling Water Reactor - a Generation III reactor

AC - Alternating Current

ac - acre(s)

ACC - averted cleanup and decontamination costs

ACC - Air Combat Command

ACE - Adaptive Communications Element

ACE - Apparent Cause Evaluation

ACI - American Concrete Institute

ACIT - Action Item

ACNW - NRC Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste

ACP - American Centrifuge Plant - a future USEC plant to be built in Oak Ridge TN

ACPD - AC potential drop technique

ACR - Advanced CANDU Reactor

ACRS - NRC Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

ACRS - Accelerated Cost Recovery System

ADAMS - Agency-wide Document Access and Management System (NRC)

ADCP - Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler, instrument to measure velocity at varying depths

ADF - Average Daily Flow computed on an annual basis

ADM - atomic demolition munitions

ADR - alternative dispute resolution

ADS - Automatic Depressurization System (BWR, Westinghouse SMR)

ADS-I - ADS Stage One (Westinghouse SMR)

ADS-2 - ADS Stage Two (Westinghouse SMR)

ADV - Atmospheric Dump Valve

AE - Acoustic emission

AE - Anticipated Events (formerly known as Anticipated Operational Occurrences)

AE - Ammunition ship

AEA - Atomic Energy Act of 1954

AEC - Atomic Energy Commission

AECL - Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

AEER - Auxiliary Electrical Equipment Room (Braidwood)

AEO - Annual Energy Outlook

AEP - American Electric Power

AF - Air Force

AF - Auxiliary Feedwater

AF/A10 - US Air Force Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration Office

AFB - Air Force Base

AFC - Advanced fuel channel

AFCA - (U.S.) Air Force Communications Agency

AFCI - Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (DOE)

AFCIC - Air Force Communications and Information Center

Afcone - African Commission on Nuclear Energy (formed 2010, under the Treaty of Pelindaba)

AFFF - Aqueous Film Forming Foam

AFI - (U.S.) Air Force Instruction

AFOC - Air Force Operations Center

AFP - Agence France Presse

AFR - Advanced Fast Reactor

AFR - Average Flow Rate

AFR - Away from Reactor

AFRA - African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training related to Nuclear Science and Technology

AFRAT - Air Force Radiation Assessment Team

AFRRI - Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

AFUDC - Allowance for funds used during construction

AFW - Auxiliary Feedwater System

AGR - Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor

AHARS - As High As is Reasonably Safe (proposed as a better approach than ALARA when it comes to triggering evacuations due to radiation accidents)

AHTR - Advanced High Temperature Reactor

AHUG - Ad Hoc Utilities Group (22 uilities siding with Urenco and Cogema in defense against dumping of enriched uranium)

AIA - Aircraft Impact Assessment

AIF-GDC - Draft Atomic Industry Forum General Design Criteria

AISC - American Institute of Steel Construction

AIT - Augmented Inspection Team (NRC)

AL - Analytical Limit

ALARA - As Low As Is Reasonably Achievable

ALI - annual limits on intake

Alt - Alteration

ALWR - Advanced Light Water Reactor

Am - Americium

AM - Amplitude Modulation

AmerGen - AmerGen Energy Company, LLC

AMC - Air Mobility Command

AMD - Accelerated Material Disposition (DOE)

AMD - Acid Mine Drainage or Abandoned Mine Drainage

AMIGA - All Modular Industry Growth Assessment Modeling System

AMP - Aging Management Program

amps - aging management programs

AMR - Aging Management Review

AMR - Analysis Modeling Report

AMR - Anisotropic magnetoresitive

AMS - Aerial Measuring System [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ANFO - ammonium nitrate and fuel oil

ANI - American Nuclear Insurers

ANL - Argonne National Laboratory

ANMCC - Alternate National Military Command Center

ANO - Arkansas Nuclear One

ANP - Advanced Nuclear Power

ANS - Alert and Notification System

ANS - American Nuclear Society

ANSI/ANS - American National Standards Institute/American Nuclear Society

AO - action officer

AOC - Army Operations Center

AOC - averted offsite property damage costs

AOE - averted occupational exposure

AOE - Fast combat support ship [from DoD 3150.8-M]

AOG - Augmented Offgas (BWR system)

AOO - Anticipated Operational Occurrence(s) (see AE)

AOP - Abnormal Operating Procedure

AOSC - averted onsite costs

AOT - allowed outage time

AOV - Air Operated Valve

AP - Administrative Procedure

AP - Annulus Pressurization

AP - alkaline permanganate

AP1000 - Advanced Passive 1000 reactor design

APE - present value of averted public exposure

APE - area of potential effect (re: environmental assessment)

APEC - area potential earth current (an indirect method of surveying integrity of buried pipes and tanks)

APM - Adaptive Phased Management (Canada's approach to long-term management of spent fuel)

APOG - AP1000 Owners Group

APR1400 - Advanced Power Reactor 1400 (South Korea)

APRM - Average Power Range Monitor

APS - active protection system

APS - Arizona Public Service Co.

APWR - Advanced Pressurized Water Reactor

AQCR - air quality control region

AR - (U.S.) Army Regulation

AR - Action Request

AR - Active Ready

AR - Annunciator Response

ARAC - Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ARD&D - Analysis, research, development, and demonstration

ARG - Accident Response Group [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ARI - Alternate Rod Insertion

ARO - All Rods Out (example of use, Salem COLR, pdf p8)

ARP - Alarm Response Procedure

ART - Adjusted Reference Temperature

ARTS - Tech Spec Improvement Program for Average Power Range Monitor/Rod Block Monitor

ARV - Atmospheric Relief Valve

AS - active stockpile

ASC - Advanced Simulation and Computing

ASD - Adjustable Speed Drive

ASD - Alternate Shutdown

ASD(NCB) - Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs

ASD(PA) - Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)

ASE - AtomStroyExport (Russian company)

ASEAN - Associaton of Southeast Asian Nations

ASLB(PA) - Atomic Safety & Licensing Board

ASM - Annual Survey of Manufactures

ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASP - Accident Sequence Precursor (NRC program)

ASP - Alternate Shutdown Panel

ASR - Alkali-Silica Reaction

ASSD - Alternate Safe Shutdown

ASSESS - Analytic System and Software for Evaluating Safeguards and Security

ASTD(AE) - Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Atomic Energy

ASTM - American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTRUM - Automated Statistical Treatment of Uncertainty Method (evaluation method for fuel pellet thermal conductivity degradation)

ATLAS - Adversary Time Line Analysis System

AT&T - American Telephone and Telegraph

ATHEANA - A Technique for Human Event ANAlysis

ATR - Advanced Test Reactor

ATSD(NCB) - Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Nuclear and Chemical and Biological Defense Programs

ATWS - Anticipated Transient(s) Without Scram

AUTODIN - Automatic Digital Network [from DoD 3150.8-M]

AUTOSEVOCOM - Automated Secure Voice Communication System [from DoD 3150.8-M]

AV - Allowable Value

AVN - Associatie Vinotte Nucleair (Belgium's NRC)

AWP - Access Work Permit [from DoD 3150.8-M]

AWS - American Welding Society

B&PV - Boiler and pressure vessel

B&W - Babcock & Wilcox

BA - Biological Assessment

BACC - Boric Acid Corrosion Control

BALANCE - Energy network module from ENPEP

BB - Baffle-to-Baffle

BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation

BBL. - Barrels

BBNPP - Bell Bend Nuclear Power Plant

BC - Branch Chief

BCO - Basis For Continued Operations

BDBA - Beyond Design Basis Accident

BDBEE - beyond-design-basis external events

BDC - Baseline Design Criteria

BEA - Bureau of Economic Analysis

BEEF - Big Explosives Experimental Facility

BFS - Budget Formulation System (NRC)

BGEPA - Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

BGS - British Geological Survey

BHEP - Basic HEP

BHP - Brake Horsepower

BI - Barrier Integrity

BIIT - Boron Injection Initiation Temperature

BLEU - blended low-enriched uranium

BLM - U.S. Bureau of Land Management

BLS - Bureau of Labor Statistics

B/M - Book to market

BMI - Bottom Mounted Instrumentation

BNFL - British Nuclear Fuels plc

BNI - Bechtel National, Incorporated

BNL - Brookhaven National Laboratory

BO - Biological Opinion

BOC - Beginning of Cycle

BOE - Barrel of oil equivalent

BOP - Balance-of-Plant

BPIG - Buried Piping Industry Group

BPITF - Buried Piping Integrity Task Force

Bq - becquerel(s)

BR2 - Belgium Reactor 2 (medical isotope source)

BREs - bullet resistant enclosures

BRS - Bibliographical Retrieval System (NRC, before ADAMS)

BSC - Bechtel SAIC Company, LLC

BSEP - Brunswick Steam Electric Plant

BSP - Backup Stability Protection

BTA - Best Technology Available

BTP - Branch Technical Position (NRC)

BTU - British Thermal Unit, i.e., heat required to increase 1 lb. of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit

BTU/kWhr - BTUs of thermal input required to produce 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity

BUMED - Bureau of Medicine and Surgery [from DoD 3150.8-M]

BVPS - Beaver Valley Power Station

BW - Business Week

BwHP - Braidwood Electrical Maintenance Surveillance Procedure

BwOA - Braidwood Operating Abnormal Procedure

BWR - Boiling Water Reactor: a direct cycle LWR

BWROG - Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group

BWRVIP - Boiling Water Reactor Vessel and Internals Project

Be - Beryllium

Bq - Becquerel

”c - degree Celsius

C - Confidential

C2 - Command and Control [from DoD 3150.8-M]

C3 - Command, Control, and Communications

C3I - Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence

C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence

C&A - Certification and Accreditation - a process to ensure that Information Technology (IT) systems and major applications adhere to formal and established security requirements that are well documented and authorized. The Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 requires C&A

CA - Corrective Action

CAAA - Clean Air Act Amendments

CAB - Control Room Ventilation & Air Conditioning (Seabrook)

CAC - Compartmented Advisory Committee

CAES - Compressed Air Energy Storage

CAH - Containment Air Handling (Seabrook)

CAL - Confirmatory action letter (NRC)

CAN-DEREM - Proprietary AECL process

CANDU - Canadian deuterium-natural uranium reactor

CANTRAC - Catalog of Naval Training Courses

CANWFZ - Central Asian Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

CAP - Corrective Action Process; Corrective Action Program

CAPE - Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation

CAPM - Capital asset pricing model

CAPR - Corrective Action to Prevent Recurrence

CAQ - Condition Adverse to Quality

CARB - Corrective Action Review Board (Davis-Besse)

CARC - Chairman's Annual Report to Congress

CARD - Condition Assessment Resolution Document (Fermi)

CAROLFIRE - Cable Response to Live Fire

CAS - central alarm station

CASA - Containment Accident Stochastic Analysis

CASS - Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel

CAT - Crisis Action Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CB - Core Barrel

CBDT - Cause-based Decision Tree

CBDT - Cause-based Decision Tree Method

CBF - Core Barrel-to-Former

CB&I - Chicago Bridge & Iron

CBR - chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear

CBRN - chemical, biological, and radiological

CC - Component Cooling

CC - Contributing Cause

CCA - Contamination Control Area [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CCAs - California Carbon Allowances

CCAPM - Consumption-based capital asset pricing model

CCC - California Coastal Commission

CCCG - common-cause component group

CCD - charge-coupled device

CCD - coded control device

CCDP - Conditional Core Damage Probability

CCF - common cause failure(s)

CCFL - Counter Current Flooding Limit

CCFL - Counter Current Flow Limitation (Westinghouse SMR)

CCG - Combat Communications Group (U.S.)

CCG - Crisis Coordinating Group [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CCGT - Combined cycle gas turbine

CCI - Core Concrete Interactions

CCL - Contamination Control Line [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CCP - centrifugal charging pump

CCS - Contamination Control Station [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CCW - Component Cooling Water System

CD - Core Damage

CDBI - Component Design Basis Inspection (NRC)

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDCE - Contamination Disposal Coordinating Element [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CDE - Consolidated Data Entry

CDF - Core damage frequency

CDFM - Conservative Deterministic Failure Margin

CDP - Core damage probability

CDP - critical detection point (security)

CDRH - Center for Devices and Radiological Health

CDRUSSTRATCOM - Commander, US Strategic Command

CDS - command disablement system

CE - Civil Engineer (Air Force)

CE - Combustion Engineering, Inc

CE - Corps of Engineers

CE - Current estimates are fact-of-life changes in the budget between the President's Budget and the enacted budget

CEA - Control Element Assembly

CEA - U.S. Council for Energy Awareness

CEA - Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (France)

CEDM - Control Element Drive Mechanism (South Korea)

Cents/kWe-hr - Cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour

CEOG - Combustion Engineering Owners Group

CEP - circular error probable

CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality

CER - Complete Engineering RElease

CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act

CET - Containment Event Tree (used in probabilistic risk assessment)

CEUS - Central and Eastern United States

CF - Capacity factor

CF - Causal Factor

CF - Chemistry Factor

CF - Composite Fiber [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CF - Conversion Factor [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CFA - Cognizant Federal Agency [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CFB - Circulating fluidized bed

CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD - Condensate Filter Demineralizer

CFM - Cubic Feet per Minute

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CFR - cumulative fractional release

cfs - cubic feet per second - 1 cfs = 0.646 mgd

CG - center of gravity

CGCS - Combustible Gas Control System

CGG - Constellation Generation Group

cGy - CentiGray

CHF - Critical Heat Flux

CHLE - Corrosion/Head Loss Experiments

CHP - Combined Heat-and-Power

CHPPM - Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (Army)

Ci - curie(s)

CIB - Combined Information Bureau [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CIF - Cost, insurance, and freight charges for shipping products

CILC - crud-induced local corrosion

CINC - Commander-in-Chief

CIP - Critical Interruption Point (security)

CIPIMS - Construction Inspection Program Information Management System (NRC)

CIT - U.S. Court of International Trade

CJCS - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

CJCSI - Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction

CLB - current licensing basis

CLERP - Conditional Large Early Release Probability

CLIIP - consolidated line item improvement process (NRC, for tech specs)

CLiP - Continuous Learning - Improving Performance (ANI in-house training program)

CLTP - a nuclear plant's current licensed thermal power

CLTR - Constant Pressure Power Uprate LTR (Licensing Topical Report to NRC from General Electric)

cm - centimeter(s)

CM - Census of Manufactures

CM - Compensatory Measure

CMA - Clearwater Marine Aquarium

CMAA - Crane Manufacturers Association of America

CMAT - Consequence Management Advisory Team (formerly DNAT) [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CMCOC - Contaminant Migration Constituents of Concern

CME - component and material evaluation

CMEB - Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Branch

CMT - Core Makeup Tank (Westinghouse SMR)

CMTR - Certified Material Test Report

CNA - Canadian Nuclear Association

CND - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

CNS - Convention on Nuclear Safety (treaty)

CNN - Cable News Network

CNT - countering nuclear threats

CNWDI - Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CNWRA - Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses

Co - Cobalt

CO - Commanding Officer [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CO - Control Operator

CO2 - Carbon dioxide

COA - Clean Ocean Action

COC - certificate of compliance

COE - cost of enhancement

COGEMA - COGEMA Nuclear Fuels

COL - U. S. NRC Combined Operating License - simultaneous issuance of a nuclear power plant construction permit and operating license

COL - combined construction and operating licensing

COL - Construction and Operating License

COLA - combined construction and operating licensing application

COLR - Core Operating Limits Report

COM - Chief of Mission [from DoD 3150.8-M]

COMNAVSTA - Commander, Naval Station

COMSEC - Communications Security [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CONPLAN - Contingency Plan [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CONUS - Continental United States [from DoD 3150.8-M]

COP - Committee of Principals

COP - Conference of the Parties

COPC - chemicals of potential concern

CORAIL - a heterogeneous type of MOX fuel contains approximately one-third of standard MOX rods (PuO2-UtailO2) and two-thirds of UO2 rods

CORDEL - World Nuclear Association working group on Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing

CORE - Cumbrians opposed to Radioactive Environment (UK)

CORMIX - Cornell Mixing Zone Expert System, the USEPA mixing zone model

CoRWM - Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (UK)

CP&L - Carolina Power and Light

CPL - Carolina Power and Light Company

CP - Command Post [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CP - Cathodic Protection

CPI-U - Urban Consumer Price Index

CPM - Counts per Minute

CPPNM - Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Materials

CPPU - Constant Pressure Power Uprate

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CPR - Critical Power Ratio

CPS - Coal Production Submodule

CPS - Current Population Survey

CPUC - California Public Utilities Commission

CPX - Command Post Exercise [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CR - Condition Report

CR - Control Room; Main Control Room

CR-3 - Crystal River Unit 3

CRA - Contamination Reduction Area [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CRD - Control Rod Drive

CRDA - Control Rod Drop Accident (a design basis accident, at least for BWRs)

CRDM - Control rod drive mechanism

CREC - Crystal River Energy Complex

CREFS - Control Room Emergency Filtration System

CRGT - Control Rod Guide Tube(s)

cROP - Construction Reactor Oversight Process (NRC)

CRS - Congressional Research Service

CRS - Control Room Simulator

CRTF - Commander, Response Task Force [from DoD 3150.8-M]

CS - Containment Spray

CS - Core Spray

CSA - Core Support Assembly

CSA - Commercial Surveillance Assembly (South Korea)

CSAU - Code Scaling, Applicability, and Uncertainty

CSC - Containment Spray Cooling

CSC - the 1997 Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage

CSF - Chernobyl Shelter Fund

CSFST - Critical Safety Function Status Tree

CSM - Conceptual Site Model

CSN - Spanish Nuclear Regulatory Commission

CSR - Cable Spreading Room

CSS - Core Support Shield

CSS - Core Support Structure

CST - Condensate Storage Tank

CT - Computer tomography

CTBT - Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

CTE - Coefficient of thermal expansion

CTL - Construction Technology Laboratory

CTS - Concentrate Transfer System (Savannah River tank farm)

CU - Consumptive water use

CUF - Cumulative Usage Factor

CV - Aircraft carrier

CV - Containment Vessel

CVCS - Chemical and Volume Control System

CVN - Aircraft carrier, nuclear powered

CWA - Clean Water Act

CWS - Cooling Water Systems

CYAPCo - Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Co.

Ci - Curie

D3 - Diversity and Defense-in-Depth

DA - Department of the Army

DAC - Derived Air Concentration

DARR - Division of Advanced Reactors and Rulemaking (NRC/NRO)

DAS - Decontamination and Assembly Station (Holtec, re: spent fuel casks)

DB - Diversion Box (Savannah River tank farm)

DB - Davis-Besse

DBA - Design Basis Accident

DBD - Design Basis Document

DBE - Design Basis Earthquake

DBNPS - Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station

DBT - design basis threat

DC - Data Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

DC - Design Certification

dc - Direct Current

DCA - Design Certification Application

DCD - Design Control Document

DCE - Defense Coordinating Element

DCF - Dose Conversion Factor

DCG - Disaster Control Group [from DoD 3150.8-M]

DCGL - derived concentration guideline level

DCM - Design Criteria Manual (Davis-Besse)

DCO - Defense Coordinating Officer

DCPD - DC potential drop technique

DCPP - Diablo Canyon Power Plant

DCR - Design Change Request

DCS - Defense Communications Systems

DCS - Duke Cogema Stone & Webster

DCSS - Dry Cask Storage System

DCVG - direct current voltage gradient

D&D - Decommissioning and decontamination

DDI - Dymeryl diisocyanate

DDO - Deputy Director of Operations [from DoD 3150.8-M]

DECON - Decontamination

DECOVALEX - Development of Coupled Models and their Validation against Experiments

Defra - Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (UK)

DEGB - double-ended guillotine break

DEP - Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection

DEP - Drill and Exercise Performance

DEPE - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and Energy

DER - Daily Event Report

DER - Deviation Event Report (Nine Mile Point)

DERA - Defense Environmental Restoration Act

DF - Dependent Failure

DF - Duration Factor

DFBN - Debris Filter Bottom Nozzle (fuel)

DFG - California Department of Fish and Game

DFO - Disaster Field Office [from DoD 3150.8-M]

DG - Diesel Generator

DHR - Decay Heat Removal

DI&C - Digital I&C

DID - Defense in Depth

DIGEC - Direction du gaz, de lÕ ŽlectricitŽ et du charbon

DII - Defense Information Infrastructure

DIVOM - Delta Critical Power Ratio Over Initial Power Ratio Versus Oscillation Magnitude

DM - Direct Method (Soil-Structure Interaction analysis)

DNA - Defense Nuclear Agency (see DSWA and DTRA)

DNAT - Defense Nuclear Advisory Team (now CMAT)

DNBR - departure from nucleate boiling ratio

DNRL - NRC Division of New Reactor Licensing

DNWS - Defense Nuclear Weapons School (formerly INWS)

DO - Dissolved oxygen

DOC - Department of Commerce

DoD - Department of Defense

DoDD - Department of Defense Directive

DoDG - Department of Defense Guide

DoDI - Department of Defense Instruction

DoDM - Department of Defense Manual

DOE - U. S. Department of Energy

DOE/AL - Department of Energy/Albuquerque Operations

DOE/NV - Department of Energy/Nevada Operations

DOI - U. S. Department of the Interior

DOJ - Department of Justice

$/kg - Natural uranium ore cost

$/kWe - Generating plant capital cost unit

$/MMBTU - Fuel cost unit Ń dollars per million BTU

$/ton carbon - Carbon tax rate on fuel combustion

DOMS - Director of Military Support

DOS - U. S. Department of State

DOT - U. S. Department of Transportation

DP - decommissioning plan

dpm/100cm2 - disintegrations per minute per 100 square centimeters

DPM/m3 - Disintegrations per Minute per cubic meter

DPR - demonstration project reactor

DRF - Disaster Response Force [from DoD 3150.8-M]

DRF - Dose Release Factors (Savannah River tank farm)

DRS - Division of Reactor Safety (NRC regions)

DSA - Documented Safety Analysis

DSCT - Digital speckle correlation technique

DSEIS - draft supplemental environmental impact statement

DSFO - Deputy Senior FEMA Official

DSHA - Deterministic Seismic Hazard Analysis

DSM - demand-side management

DSN - Defense Switched Network

DSWA - Defense Special Weapons Agency (formerly DNA and now part of DTRA)

DTI - Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

DTPA - Diethylenetriamine Pentaacetic Acid

DTRA - Defense Threat Reduction Agency (includes what was formerly DSWA)

DU - Depleted Uranium

DVI - Direct Vessel Injection (Westinghouse SMR)

DW - Drywell (BWR)

E - Expansion, I&E Guidelines Component Group (EPRI)

E-Mail - Electronic Mail

EA - environmental assessment

EAC - Emergency Actions Committee [from DoD 3150.8-M]

EACT - Emergency Action and Coordination Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

EAL - Emergency Action Level

EAR - Estimated additional resources

EASI - Estimated Adversary Sequence Interruption

EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

EC - Eddy Current (electromagnetic testing)

EC - Environmental Contention

EC - European Commission

ECA - Equipment condition assessment

ECA - event and condition assessment

ECAR - East Central Area Reliability

ECCS - Emergency Core Cooling System(s)

ECL - Effluent Concentration Limit

ECN - Electric current noise

ECP - Electro-Chemical Potential

ECP - Electrochemical corrosion potential

ECP - Employee Concerns Program

ECP - Entry Control Point [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ECP - Electricity Capacity and Planning

ECP - Engineering Change Package (Davis-Besse)

ECR - Engineering Change Request

ECRB - Enhanced Characterization of the Repository Block [Yucca Mountain]

ECS - Exercise Control Staff [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ECT - Eddy current testing

E&DCR - Engineering & Design Coordination Reports

EdF - ElectricitŽ de France

EDG - Emergency Diesel Generator

EDGSW - Emergency Diesel Generator Service Water

EDMGs - Extensive (or Extreme) Damage Mitigation Guidelines

EDTA - Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid

EECW - Emergency Equipment Cooling Water system (Fermi)

EEOICP - Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (Dept of Labor)

EERE - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

EESW - Emergency Equipment Service Water system (Fermi)

EEFI - Essential Elements of Friendly Information [from DoD 3150.8-M]

EFCV - excess flow check valve

EFH - essential fish habitat

EFIC - Emergency Feedwater Initiation & Control

EFP - Electricity Financing and Pricing

EFPY - Effective Full-power Year(s)

EFW - Emergency Feedwater (system)

EGC - Exelon Generation Company, LLC

EGRID - Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database, U.S. EPA

EHG - Electro-Hydraulic Governor

EIA - Energy Information Administration, a part of U. S. DOE

EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment (UK)

EICC - Emergency Information and Coordination Center (FEMA)

EIIS - Energy Industry Identification System

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

EJ - Environmental Justice

ELAP - extended loss of AC power

ELF-EMF - extremely low frequency-electromagnetic field

ELLLA - extended load line limit analysis

ELTR1 - Generic Guidelines for GE BWR EPU (NEDC-32424P-A)

ELTR2 - Generic Evaluations for GE BWR EPU (NEDC-32523P-A)

EM - DOE Office of Environmental Management

EM-1 - Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management (DOE)

EM2 - Energy Multiplier Module (General Atomics fast reactor design)

EMAT - Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer

EMDA - Expanded materials degradation assessment

EMM - Electricity Market Module

EMR - Electro-Magnetic Radiation

EMRV - Electro Magnetic Relief Valve

EMT - Emergency Medical Team

EN - Electrochemical noise

ENEA - European Nuclear Energy Agency

ENPEP - Energy and Power Evaluation Program

ENS - emergency notification system

E&NS - Environmental and Nuclear Safety

EO - emergency officer

EO - equipment operator

EO - Executive Order

EOC - Emergency Operations Center

EOC - end-of-cycle

EOC - Error of Commission

EOF - Emergency Operations Facility

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOL - End of life

EOM - Error of omission

EOOS - Equipment out-of-service

EOP - Emergency Operating Procedure(s)

EP - Emergency Plan

EP - Emergency Preparedness

EPA - U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

EPC - Engineer-procure-construct

EPFM - Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics

EPGs - Emergency Procedure Guidelines

EPIX - Equipment Performance and Information Exchange (database)

EPPA - MIT Emissions prediction and policy analysis project

EPR - European Pressurized Reactor

EPR - Evolutionary Power Reactor

EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute

EPS - Encapsulated Product Store

EPU - extended power uprate

EPZ - Emergency Planning Zone

EQ - Environmental Qualification

EQ - Environmental Qualification Program

EQ - equipment qualification

EQDs - Equipment Qualification Data Sheet

ER - Electrical resistance

ER - Environmental Report

ERB - Energy Research Board

ERBB - enhanced radiation reduced blast weapon (formerly known as 'neutron bomb') - Ref

ERCOT - Electric Reliability Council of Texas

ERDA - Energy Research and Development Administration

ERDS - Emergency Response Data System

ERF - Emergency Response Facility

ERFBS - Electrical Raceway Fire Barrier System

ERG - Emergency Response Guideline

ERO - Emergency Response Organization

ERT-A - Emergency Response Team-Advance Element [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ERT - Emergency Response Team

ES - EnergySolutions

ESA - Euratom Supply Agency

ESA - Endangered Species Act

ESBWR - Economic and Simplified BWR (GE)

ESC - Executive Support Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ESF - Engineering Safety Feature; Engineered Safety Feature; Engineered Safeguards Feature

ESF - Exploratory Studies Facility

ESP - Early Site Permit

ESRP - Environmental Standard Review Plan, NUREG-1555, Supplement 1, Operating License Renewal

EST - Emergency Support Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

EST - Extended Storage and Transportation (of Spent Nuclear Fuel)

ESW - Essential Service Water

ESW - Emergency Service Water

ET - Electromagnetic Testing (Eddy Current)

ET - Event Tree

ETAP - Electrical Transient and Analysis Program

ETE - evacuation time estimate study

EU - European Union

EURATOM - European Atomic Energy Community

eV - electron Volt

EV - Electric vehicle

EVT - Enhanced Visual Testing (a Visual NDE method that includes EVT-1)

EVA - Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc.

EWGPP - Elimination of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Production (DOE program)

EWS - Early Warning System

”F - degree Fahrenheit

F - Fahrenheit

F3POT - First 3 Plant Only Testing (NRC) (see also FPOT)

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FAC - Flow Assisted Corrosion

FAC - Flow-Accelerated Corrosion

FACA - Federal Advisory Committee Act

FACTS - Fuel Assembly Compatibility Test System

FANC - Belgium government's nuclear regulator

FANP - Framatome ANP, Inc.

F-ANP - Framatome Advanced Nuclear Power

FANR - Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (United Arab Emirates)

fax - facsimile

FB - Baffle-to-Former

FBC - Fluidized bed combustion

FBR - Fast Breeder Reactor

FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FCAW - flux-cored arc welding

(F-C) curve - frequency-consequence curve

FCDTRA - Field Command, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (now Albuquerque Operations)

FCHV - Fuel cell hybrid vehicle

FCO - Federal Coordinating Officer [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FCO - Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK)

FCV - Flow Control Valve

FCV - Fuel cell vehicle

FCX - Honda FCX fuel cell vehicle

FD - flow distributor

FDA - Food and Drug Administration

FDF - Fatigue Damage Factor

FDS - Fire Damage State

FDEP - Florida Department of Environmental Protection

FEA - Finite Element Analysis

FEC - fission electrical cell

FEI - fluid elastic instability

FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency

FENOC - FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company

FEP - Fire Emergency Procedure

FEPCO - Federation of Electric Power Companies (Japan)

FEPs - Features, Events, and Processes

FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FES - final environmental statement

FFA - Federal Facility Agreement

FFWTR - Final Feedwater Temperature Reduction

FHA - Fire Hazard Analysis

FHA - Fuel Handling Accident

FHD - forced helium dehydration (Holtec, re: dry casks)

FIDLER - Field Instrument for the Detection of Low-Energy Radiation [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FIV - Flow-Induced Vibration

FLA - Full Load Amperage

FLECHT - Full Length Emergency Cooling Heat Transfer

FLEX - Diverse & Flexible Coping Capability

FLEX - Diverse and Flexible Mitigation Capability

FLTSAT - Fleet Satellite [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FM - Frequency Modulation

FM - Failure Mode

FMA - Failure Modes Analysis

FMECA - Failure Mode, Effects, and Criticality Analysis

FNRBA - Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies in Africa (launched in 2009)

Foake - first-of-a-kind engineering

FOA - Forced Oil and Air

FOB - Free on board, shipper pays shipping costs

FOC - Friends of the Coast-Opposing Nuclear Pollution

FOE - Follow-On Element [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FOE - Friends of the Earth

FOF - force-on-force

FOIs - Factors of Improvement

FOIA - Freedom of Information Act

FoM - Figure of Merit

FONSI - finding of no significant impact

FP - Fission products

FP - Fibropapilloma/Fibropapillomatosis

FPC - Florida Power Company

FPC - Fuel Pool Cooling

FPCC - Fuel Pool Cooling and Cleanup

FPD - Federal Project Director

FPIE - Full Power Internal Events

FPL - Florida Power and Light

FPM - Fuel preparation machine

FPOT - First Plant Only Testing (NRC)

FPP - Fire Protection Program

FPR - Fire Protection Report

FPRA - Fire probabilistic risk assessment

fps - feet per second

FPS - Fire Protection System

FR - Federal Register

FR - Functional Restoration

FR - Functional Restoration Procedure

FRA - Functions, Responsibilities, and Authorities

FRC - Federal Response Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FRCC - Florida Reliability Coordinating Council

FRD - Formerly Restricted Data [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FRERP - Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan

FRMAC - Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center

FRMAP - Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Plan

FRN - Federal Register Notice

FRP - Federal Response Plan

FRPCC - Federal Radiological Preparedness Coordinating Committee

FSAR - Final Safety Analysis Report

FSEIS - final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

FSME - NRC Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs

FSS - final status survey

FSS - fire scenario selection

FSSP - final status survey plan

FSSRs - final status survey reports (NRC)

FSWO - Full Structural Weld Overlays

ft - foot/feet

FTC - Federal Trade Commission

FTF - F-Tank Farm (Savannah River)

FTR - failure to run

FTS - failure to start

FTS - Federal Telecommunications System

FTX - Field Training Exercise [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FUD - Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

FUNCPLAN - Functional Plan [from DoD 3150.8-M]

FUSRAP - Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program

FW - feedwater

FWH - feedwater heater(s)

FWLB - feedwater line break

FWM - Fleetwide monitoring

FWPCA - Federal Water Pollution Control Act (also known as the Clean Water Act of 1977)

FWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

FY - Fiscal Year

g/d - gallons per day

GA - General Atomics

GAB - gross alpha and gross beta

GAEC - Greek Atomic Energy Commission

gal - gallon

GALL - Generic Aging Lessons Learned; Generic Aging Lessons Learned Report

GANE - Georgians Against Nuclear Energy

GCR - Gas Cooled Reactor

GDC - General Design Criterion; General Design Criteria

GDP - Gross Domestic Product

GE - General Electric Company; GE Nuclear Energy

GEH - GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas LLC

GEI - General Electrical Instruction (Perry)

GEIS - Generic Environmental Impact Statement for License Renewal of Nuclear Plants, NUREG-1437

Gen IV - International advanced reactor study underway at DOE

GenSim - Electricity Generation Cost Simulation Model

GEP - Ground Entry Point [from DoD 3150.8-M]

GFC - Gas cooled fast reactor

GGNS - Grand Gulf Nuclear Station

GHG - Greenhouse gas

GII - Global Insights, Inc.

GIS - geographic information system

GL - Generic Letter (NRC)

GLDs - General Licensed Devices (NRC)

GM - General Motors

GMC - Ground Motion Characterization

GMF - Ground Mobile Force [from DoD 3150.8-M]

GMPE - Ground Motion Predication Equation

GMR - Giant magnetoresitive

GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

GNF - Global Nuclear Fuels, Inc.

GNSS - Globe Nuclear Services & Supply Ltd.

gpm - gallons per minute

GPR - Ground penetrating radar

GPRA - Government Performance and Results Act

GPS - Global Positioning System

GPUN - General Public Utility Nuclear

GRA - Growth Rate Algorithm

GSA - General Separations Area (Savannah River tank farm)

GSA - General Services Administration

GMAW - gas metal arc welding

Gt - Gigatonnes

GTAW - gas tungsten arc welding

GTCC - Gas Turbine Combined Cycle

GT-MHR - Gas-Turbine Modular Helium Reactor

GW - Gigawatt

GW - global warming

GWd - Gigawatt days of thermal energy production

GWe - Gigawatts (1000 megawatt) electric capacity

GWPS - gaseous water processing system

GW-UT - Guided-wave UT

Gy - Gray (unit of dose)

GYO - Grow Your Own (NRC's analyst training program for Probabilistic Risk Assessment)

GZA - GZA GeoEnvironmental of New York (contractor for Indian Point)

ha - hectare(s)

HABOG - Dutch Central Waste Storage Facility

HAZ - Heat Affected Zone (metallurgy)

HAZMAT - Hazardous Materials

HBRSEP - H. B. Robinson Steam Electric Plant

HCLPF - high confidence of low probability of failure

HCOM - Hot Channel Oscillation Magnitude

HCR/ORE - Human Cognitive Reliability/Operator Reliability Experiment

HCTL - heat capacity temperature limit

HDI - United Nations Human Development Index

HDR - High Dose Rate

HDSFSR - High density spent fuel storage racks

HE - High Explosive

HELB - High Energy Line Break

HEP - Human Error Probability

HEPA - High Efficiency Particle Air

HEU - Highly enriched (in U-235 isotope) uranium

HF - High Frequency

HFCL - High Flow Control Line

HFE - Human Failure Event

HFR - High Flux Reactor

HFSR - High Flux Subcritical Reactor

Hg - Mercury

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services

H&I - harassment and intimidation

HI - Holtec International, Inc.

HI - Human Interaction; also called Operator Action

HIC - high-integrity container

HICOM - High Command [from DoD 3150.8-M]

HI-STORM - Holtec International Storage Module (spent fuel, dry cask)

HI-STORM FW - specifically engineered to withstand sustained Flood and Wind

HLW - High level waste, either in spent fuel, or reprocessing waste

HLWRS - High-Level Waste Repository Safety

HMI - Human-Machine Interface

HOO - headquarters operations officer (NRC)

HOSS - hardened on-site storage

HOTSPOT - Department of Energy Mobile Counting Laboratory

HP - Health Physics

HP - Human Performance

HPA - Human Performance Analysis Corporation

HPAC - Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability [from DoD 3150.8-M]

HPCI - High Pressure Coolant Injection

HPCS - high pressure core spray

HPGe - hyperpure germanium

HPI - High-Pressure Injection

HPN - health physics network

HPSI - High-Pressure Safety Injection

HPSR - High-Pressure Safety Recirculation

HNP - Hatch Nuclear Plant

HQ - Headquarter(s)

hr - hour(s)

HRA - High Radiation Area

HRA - Human Reliability Analysis

HRR - heat release rate

HRSG - Heat recovery steam generation

HSC - Habitat Suitability Curve, index used to indicate fish preferences for microhabitat variables (e.g., water velocity, depth, substrate/cover);expressed on a scale of 0 (least suitable) to 1 (optimum)

HSM - Horizontal Storage Module (for dry cask storage)

HSUS - Humane Society of the United States

HSS - DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security

HTF - H-Tank Farm (Savannah River)

HTGR - High temperature gas cooled reactor

HTO - Tritium water vapor (also TO)

HTPB - Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadine

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development

HVAC - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HWC - Hydrogen Water Chemistry

HWLWR - Heavy-Water-Moderated, Light-Water-Cooled

HX - Heat Exchanger

Hz - hertz

HZP - Hot Zero Power

IA - instrument air

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency

IASCC - Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking

IBR - incorporated by reference

IC - Inhaled Concentration [from DoD 3150.8-M]

IC - Isolation Condenser [BWR RHR system at Oyster Creek]

I&C - Instrumentation & Controls

ICC - inadequate core cooling

ICC - Interclass Correlation

ICC - Interstate Commerce Commission

ICE - Internal combustion engine

ICDF - instantaneous core damage frequency

ICF - Increased Core Flow

ICH> - In-Core Housing and Guide Tube

ICI - In-core Instrumentation

ICM - Integrated Conceptual Model

ICN - ITAAC Closure Notification (NRC)

ICP - In-containment Pool (Westinghouse SMR)

ICP-AES - inductively coupled plasma - atomic emission spectroscopy

ICRP - International Commission on Radiological Protection

ICS - Integrated Control System

ICSANT - International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism

ICVP - ITAAC Closure Notification (NRC)

IDC - Interest during construction

I&E - Inspection and Evaluation

I&E - Inspection and Enforcement (NRC)

IE - Initiating Event

IEA - International Energy Agency

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

IEF - Initiating Event Frequency

IERA - Institute for Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Risk Analysis

lET - Integral Effects Test

IFIM - Instream Flow Incremental Methodology, habitat-based methodology to estimate available aquatic habitat under changing flow conditions; based on the premise that stream-dwelling organisms prefer a certain range of microhabitats (velocity,depth,and substrate/cover)

IGCC - Integrated gasification combined cycle

IGSCC - Intergranular stress corrosion and cracking; Intergranular stress corrosion cracking

IHE - Insensitive High Explosive [from DoD 3150.8-M]

IIASA - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

ILRT - Integrated Leak Rate Test

ILW - Intermediate Level Wastes

IMA - Installation Medical Authority [from DoD 3150.8-M]

IMC - Inspection Manual Chapter (NRC)

IMI - Incore Monitoring Instrumentation

IMTD - Instantaneous Magnetic Trip Device

IN - Information Notice (NRC)

in. - inch(es)

IND - Improvised Nuclear Device [from DoD 3150.8-M]

INEEL - Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (see INL)

INIR - Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (IAEA missions to assess status of a nation's infrastructure for a nuclear power program)

INL - Idaho National Laboratory (formerly INEEL)

INMARSAT - International Marine Satellite

INPO - Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, funded by nuclear plant operators for improvement of operations

INPRO - International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles

INSAG - International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group

INWS - Interservice Nuclear Weapon School [from DoD 3150.8-M]

IORV - Inadvertent Opening of Relief Valve (a type of ATWS)

IP - Inspection Procedure (NRC)

IP - Issue Program (EPRI)

IPA - integrated plant assessment

IPCN - ITAAC Post Closure Notification (NRC)

IPE - individual plant examination

IPEEE - Individual Plant Examination of External Events

IPIP - integrated performance improvement plan (Fort Calhoun)

IPSAR - Integrated Plant Safety Assessment Report (NUREG-0821)

iPWR - Integral PWR (Westinghouse SMR)

IR - Impulse Response

IR - Infrared

IR - Inspection Report

IR - Issue Report

IRE - Initial Response Element [from DoD 3150.8-M]

IRE - Institute for Radio-Elements

IRF - Initial Response Force [from DoD 3150.8-M]

IRM - Intermediate Range Monitor

IROFS - Items Relied on for Safety [from NRC, 10CFR70.61]

IRRS - Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IAEA)

IRT - Independent Review Team

IRWST - In-containment Refueling Water Storage Tank (Westinghouse SMR)

ISA - Integrated Safety Analysis

ISB - Independent Sideband [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ISFSI - independent spent fuel storage installation

ISG - Interim Staff Guidance

ISI - Inservice Inspection; Inservice Inspection Program

ISL - in situ leach

ISLOCA - interfacing systems loss-of-coolant accident

ISO - International Standards Organization

ISP - Integrated Surveillance Program

ISR - Irradiation-enhanced Stress Relaxation (PWR internals)

ISS - Institute for Security Studies (Johannesburg, South Africa)

IST - In Service Test; In Service Testing

ITAAC - Inspections, Tests, Analyses, & Acceptance Criteria

ITC - U.S. International Trade Commission

ITC - Informed Technical Community

ITG - Issue Task Group (EPRI)

ITP - Incidental Take Permit

ITP - Industry Trends Program

ITP - Integrated Toxic Potential

ITS - Improved Technical Specifications

ITS - Incidental Take Statement

ITS - Important to Safety (Holtec, re spent fuel)

IV - Intravenous; intravenously

IVR - In-vessel Retention (Westinghouse SMR)

IV&V - Independent Verification and Validation

J - joule(s)

JA - Judge Advocate [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JACC/CP - Joint Airborne Communications Center/Command Post [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JCATS - Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation

JCCSA - Joint Communications Contingency Station Assets [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JCS - Joint Chiefs of Staff

JCSE - Joint Communications Support Element [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JCTA - Joint Controlled Tactical Communications Assets [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JHEC - Joint Hazard Evaluation Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JIC - Joint Information Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JLCO - Joint Legal Claims Office [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JMOCC - Joint Maritime Operations Command Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JNACC - Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JNAIRT - Joint Nuclear Accident/Incident Response Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JNES - Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization

JNT - Johnson noise thermometry

JOBB - Joint Owners Baffle Bolt (re PWR internals)

JOC - Joint Operations Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JPM - Job Performance Measure

JR - Jet Reaction

JRWA - Jones River Watershed Association (Pilgrim intervenor)

JS - Joint Staff [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JSCC - Joint Security Control Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

JSCP - Joint Strategic Capability Plan [from DoD 3150.8-M]

kA - Kilo-amp

KEDO - Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization

keV - Thousand Electron Volts

kg - kilogram(s)

KHNP - Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.

KIWI - Ground measuring system named for a flightless bird [from DoD 3150.8-M]

km - kilometer(s)

K-MR - K-Management Resources

KNF - Korean Nuclear Fuel

KNFC - Kepco Nuclear Fuel Co. Ltd.

KOPEC - Korea Power Engineering Company

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

KPS - Kewaunee Power Station

ksi - Kips per square inch

KSNP - Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plants

KTI - Key Technical Issue

kV - kilovolt(s)

kV/m - kilovolt per meter

kWe-hr - Kilowatt-hour of electricity

KWH - kilowatt hour

L - liter(s)

L/s - liters per second

LA - License Application

LAC - Liquid Abrasive Cutter [from DoD 3150.8-M]

LAN - Local Area Network

LANL - Los Alamos National Laboratory

LANL - cold fusion (see LENR)

LANR - cold fusion (see LENR)

LAR - license amendment request

LAW - Low Activity Waste

lb - pound

LBLOCA - Large Break loss-of-coolant accident

LBB - Leak before break

LBE - Licensing Basis Event

LCB - Lower Core Barrel

LCO - Limiting Condition(s) for Operation

LCOE - levelized cost of electricity

LCP - Lower Core Plate

LEFM - Leading Edge Flow Meter

LEFM - Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics

LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reaction ('cold fusion', also called LENT, LANR, LANL, and Anomalous Heat Effect)

LENT - cold fusion (see LENR)

LER - Large early release of radioactivity from reactor containment after an accident

LER - Licensee Event Report

LERF - Large Early Release Frequency

LEU - low-enriched uranium

LFA - Lead Federal Agency [from DoD 3150.8-M]

LGS - Limerick Generating Station

LGX - Logistics Plans [from DoD 3150.8-M]

LHC - Large Hadron Collider, in Europe

LHGR - Linear Heat Generation Rate

Li - Lithium

LINAC - Linear Accelerator

LLD - Lower Limit of Detection

LLNL - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLOCA - Large Loss Of Coolant Accident

LLRT - Local Leak Rate Test

LLW - low-level waste

LMA - Liabilities Management Authority (UK)

LMFBR - Liquid metal fast breeder reactor

LMR - Land Mobile Radio [from DoD 3150.8-M]

LMFBR - Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

LNG - liquefied natural gas

LOCA - Loss Of Coolant Accident

LOIA - Loss of instrument air

LONF - Loss of normal feedwater

LOOP - loss of offsite power

LOPRA - Low Power Reactor Assembly

LORT - Licensed Operator Requalification Training

LOS - Limit of Sensitivity [from DoD 3150.8-M]

LPCI - Low Pressure Coolant Injection

LPCS - Low Pressure Core Spray

LPI - Low-Pressure Injection

LPRM - Local Power Range Monitor

LPSD - Low Power and/or Shutdown

LPSI - Low-Pressure Safety Injection

LPSP - Low Power Setpoint

LPSR - Low-Pressure Sump Recirculation

LPT - Low-profile Transporter (Holtec, re: spent fuel)

LR - License Renewal

LR - Licensing Report

LRA - License Renewal Application

LRF - Large Release Frequency

LS-DYNA - computer code for containment finite element analysis

LSEE - Local Severe External Event

LSN - Licensing Support Network (NRC)

LSS - Licensing Support System (NRC)

LST - Lowest Service Temperature (re: metals)

LTA - Lead Test Assembly (fuel)

LTCC - Long-term Core Cooling

LTOP - Low Temperature Over-Pressurization; Low-Temperature Overpressure Protection

LTP - Lower tie plate

LTR - Licensing Topical Report

LTRP - Long Term Research Program (NRC)

LTS - Lower Thermal Shield

LUHS - loss of normal access to the ultimate heat sink

LUST - Leaking underground storage tank [from USEPA]

LUT - Laser UT

LVDT - Linear Variable Differential Transducer

LVI - LVI Environmental Services, Inc.

LWR - Light water reactor, the major power plant type in service

LWRS - Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program (DOE)

m - meter(s)

m/s - meter(s) per second

M3 - Pulse Jet Mixing Design Issue (Hanford)

m3/d - cubic meters per day

m3/s - cubic meter(s) per second

mA - milliampere(s)

MA - Minor actinides, isotopes heavier that Uranium created in reactors, except for plutonium

MAB - maximum attainable benefit

MACCS2 - MELCOR Accident Consequence Code System 2

MACE - Melt Attack and Coolability Experiments

MAP - Maximum Allowable Peaking

MAPC - Materials Action Plan Committee (Electric Power Research Institute)

MAPLHGR - Maximum Average Planer Linear Heat Generation Rate

MARD - Mobile Accident Response Development [from DoD 3150.8-M]

MARSSIM - Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual

MAST - Mobile Ashore Support Terminal [from DoD 3150.8-M]

MASt - Military Anti-Shock (trousers)

MAUT - Multi-Attribute Utility Theory

MBF - Moderate Burnup Fuel (spent fuel assembly with an average burnup less than or equal to 45,000 MWD/MTU)

MBTA - Migratory Bird Treaty Act

MCB - Main Control Board

MCBI - Marine Conservation Biology Institute

MCC - Motor Control Center

MCCB - Molded Case Circuit Breaker

MCCI - Melt Coolability and Concrete Interaction

MCE - Missouri Coalition for the Environment

MCL - Maximum Contaminant Level

MCPR - Minimum Critical Power Ratio

MCR - Main Control Room; Control Room

MD - management directive

MDC - minimum detectable concentration

MDCR - minimum detectable count rate

MDS - Meteorological Data Servers [from DoD 3150.8-M]

MEI - Maximally Exposed Individual

MELB - Moderate Energy Line Break

MELCOR - computer code for reactor accident progression and source term

MELLLA - maximum extended load line limit analysis

MEMS - Microelectromechanical Systems

MET - Melt Eruption Test

MET - Meteorological [from DoD 3150.8-M]

METI - Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry

MeV - Million electron Volts

MEWMDFZ - Middle East Weapons of Mass Destruction-free Zone

MFIV - Main Feed Isolation Valve

MFL - Magnetic flux leakage

MFW - main feedwater

MFWT - Minimum Feedwater Temperature

MGD - million gallons per day - 1 mgd = 1.55 cfs

MGDS - Mined Geological Disposal System (re: radwaste)

mGy - milligray(s)

MHI - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

MHIF - Multiple High lmpedance Fault

MHTGR - modular high temperature gas-cooled reactors

mi - mile(s)

MIC - Microbiologically Induced Corrosion

MICFAC - Mobile Integrated Command Facility [from DoD 3150.8-M]

MILSTRIP - Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures

mL - milliliter(s)

Mlb - Millions of pounds

MLOCA - Medium Loss-of-Coolant Accident

MLTR - MELLLA+ licensing topical report

MMBTU - Million British thermal units

MMPA - Marine Mammal Protection Act

MMPDS - Multi-Mode Passive Detection System - natural muons change their paths when dense stuff is present

MMSC - Marine Mammal Stranding Center

MNA - Monitored Natural Attenuation

MNSAs - mechanical nozzle seal assemblies

MOC - Motor Operated Control

MOI - Magneto-optic imager

MOP - Massive Ordnance Penetrator

MOP - member of the public

MOP - Military Operational Posture

MOR - Monthly Operating Report

MOV - Motor Operated Valve

MOX - Mixed (Uranium and Plutonium) oxide fuel

MOX - CORAIL - a heterogeneous type of MOX fuel contains approximately one-third of standard MOX rods (PuO2-UtailO2) and two-thirds of UO2 rods

MOX-UE - a type of homogenous MOX fuel where all the fuel rods are made of PuO2-UenrichedO2

MPC - Maximum Permissible Concentration

MPC - Multi-purpose canister (re: spent fuel casks)

MPC&A - Fissile materials, production, control, and accountability

MPC&A - materials protection, control and accounting

MPFF - maintenance preventable functional failures

mph - miles per hour

MPT - Magnetic particle testing

MR - millirem, millirad, milliRoentgen

mr - millirem, millirad

mR - millirem, millirad, milliRoentgen

MR - Magnetoresistive

MR - Maintenance Rule (NRC)

mrad - millirad(s)

MRAT - Medical Radiobiology Advisory Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

MRC - Marine Review Committee

mrem - millirem(s)

MRFF - Maintenance Rule Function Failures

MRP - EPRI's Materials Reliability Program

MRT - Medical Radiology Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

MRWS - Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely

MS - Main Steam

MS - Mitigating Systems

MSAR - plant-specific MELLLA+ safety analysis report [from GE]

MSCWL - minimum steam cooling water level (BWR)

MSF - Modified Shape Function

MSHA - Mine Safety and Health Administration

MSIV - main steam isolation valve

MSIVC - main steam isolation valve closure

MSL - main steam line

msl - mean sea level

MSLB - main steam line break

MSM - Modified Subtraction Method (Soil-Structure Interaction analysis)

MSOs - Multiple Spurious Operations

MSPI - Mitigating Systems Performance Index

MSPI - mobile spare parts inventory

MSR - Moisture Separator Reheater

MSR - Molten salt reactor

MSSV - Main Steam Safety Valve

mSv - millisievert(s)

MT - metric ton(s) (or tonne[s])

MTC - moderator temperature coefficient

MT/yr - Metric tons per year

MTHM - metric tons heavy metal

MTIHM - Metric tons initial heavy metal (Uranium or Plutonium)

MTU - metric ton(s)-uranium

MVA - Million Volt Amps

MVA - Megavolt Amperes Reactive

MW - megawatt

MW - Microwave

MWd/kgU - Megawatt-days per kilogram of Uranium

MWd/MTU - megawatt-days per metric ton of uranium

MWe - Mega (million) watts electric capacity

MW(e) - megawatt(s) electric

MW(t) - megawatt(s) thermal

MWh - megawatt hour(s)

N - No Additional Measures, I&E Guidelines Component Group (EPRI)

NA - not applicable

NACE - National Association of Corrosion Engineers

NAD - no analytical data reported

NAD - National Advertising Division, Council of Better Business Bureaus

NAGRA - Swiss National Waste Agency

Nal - sodium iodide

NAICO - Nuclear Accident and Incident Control Office [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NAPS - North Anna Power Station

NARCL - Nuclear Accident Response Capability Listing [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NARP - Nuclear (Weapon) Accident Response Procedures [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NAS - National Academy of Sciences

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NAVEDTRA - Naval Education and Training

NAVMED - Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

NAVSCOLEOD - Naval School, Explosive Ordnance Disposal

NAWMP - North American Waterfowl Management Plan

NBC - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

NCA - National Command Authority [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NCAIC - Nuclear Chemical Accident/Incident Control [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NCC - National Coordinating Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NCC - Navy Command Center

NCI - National Cancer Institute

NCL - Natural Circulation Line

NCP - normal charging pump

NCRP - National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

NCS - National Communications System [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NCSTC - North Carolina Sea Turtle Coordinator

NCTAMSLANT - Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station, Atlantic

NCV - Non-Cited Violation (NRC)

NC WARN - North Carolina Waste Awareness and Reduction Network

N&D - Nonconformance and Disposition Report

ND - not determined

NDA - National Defense Area

NDA - Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (UK)

NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act

NDE - Non-Destructive Evaluation; Non-Destructive Examination

NDI - Nondestructive inspection

NDT - Nondestructive Testing

NDT - Nil Ductility Transition Temperature

NE - DOE's Office of Nuclear Energy, Science & Technology

NEA - New England Aquarium

NEA - Nuclear Energy Agency, under the OECD

NEC - National Electric Code

NECC - National Emergency Coordination Center (FEMA)

NECSA - South African Nuclear Energy Corporation

NEI - Nuclear Energy Institute

NEMA - National Electric Manufacturers Association

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

NEP - National Energy Policy

Nerac - Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee (DOE)

NERC - Non-government entity that develops transmission system operating standards and monitors compliance, but has no enforcement authority

NESC - National Electric Safety Code

NESDIS - National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service

NESP - National Environmental Studies Project

NF - Nuclear Fuel; newsletter

NFI - New Fuel Introduction

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

NFS - New fuel storage

NFWT - Nominal Feedwater Temperature

ng/J - nanogram per joule

NGNP - Next Generation Nuclear Plant

NGO - Non-Governmental Organisation

NHPA - National Historic Preservation Act

NI - Nuclear Island, comprising the steel containment vessel, the reactor building, and the auxiliary building (VC Summer)

NIAC - Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee

NIEHS - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

NIMA - National Imagery and Mapping Agency

NINA - Nuclear Innovation North America LLC (South Texas Project 3&4)

NIOSH - National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

Nirex - UK National Waste Agency

NIRS - Nuclear Information and Resource Service

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology

NJDEP - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

NLC - Nuclear Learning Center - a training facility operated by SCE&G at the Jenkinsville site (VC Summer)

NMAC - Nuclear Maintenance Assistance Center

NMC - Nuclear Management Co.

NMCC - National Military Command Center

NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service

NMPNS - Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station

NMP3 - Nine Mile Point 3 Nuclear Project, LLC, a subsidiary of UniStar Nuclear Energy, LLC

NMR - Nuclear magnetic resonance

NN - Neural network

NN - Nuclear Notification

NND - The New Nuclear Deployment Team within SCE&G (VC Summer)

NNSA - National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE)

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOED - Notice of Enforcement Discretion (NRC)

NOP - Normal Operating Procedure

NOS - National Ocean Service

NOS - Nuclear Oversight

NOV - Notice of Violation

NOx - nitrogen oxide(s)

NOX - Atmospheric oxides of nitrogen

Np-237 - Neptunium-237

NPC - Nuclear Power Corporation of India

NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPP - nuclear power plant

NPR - National Public Radio

NPSH - net positive suction head

NPT - Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty

NPV - Net Present Value

NQAM - Nuclear Quality Assurance Manual

NR - non-recovery

NRA - Nuclear Regulation Authority (Japan, formed after Fukushima)

NRC - National Response Center [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NRC - National Research Council

NRC - U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service

NRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council

NRL - Nuclear Research Laboratory

NRO - NRC Office of New Reactors

NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board (UK)

NRR - NRC Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation

NSA - National Security Area [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NSC - National Security Council

NSD - ORP Nuclear Safety Division - (Hanford)

NSFO - Navy Standard Fuel Oil

NSHM - National Seismic Hazard Maps (USGS)

NSIR - NRC Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response

NSN - National Stock Number [from DoD 3150.8-M]

NSPM - Northern States Power Company (a Minnesota corporation doing business as Xcel Energy)

NSPS - New source performance standards

NSQC - Nuclear Safety and Quality Culture

NSQI - Nuclear Safety and Quality Imperative

NSR - Non Safety Related

NSSS - Nuclear Steam Supply System

NSTM - Naval Ships Technical Manual

NTS - Nevada Test Site

NTSB - National Transportation Safety Board

NTSP - Nominal Trip Setpoint

NTTF - Near Term Task Force

NU - Northeast Utilities

NUMARC - Nuclear Management and Resources Council

NUREG - Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff-developed document

NUREG-BR - Nuclear Regulatory Commission brochure

NUREG-CR - Nuclear Regulatory Commission contracted report

NW - nuclear winter

NWPPC - Northwest Power Planning Council

NWS - National Weather Service

nWUA - Normalized WUA

NYISO - New York Independent System Operator

O&M cost - Cost of plant operation and maintenance

OA - Operator Action; also called Human Interaction

OAR - Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

OASD(PA) - Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)

OATSD(NCB) - Office of the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense (Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Defense Programs)

OBA - Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

OBE - Operational Basis Earthquake; Operating Basis Earthquake

OCA - owner-controlled area

OCNGS - Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station

OCNS - Office of Civil Nuclear Security (UK)

OCONUS - outside continental United States [from DoD 3150.8-M]

OCP - Outside Containment Pool (Westinghouse SMR)

OD - Operability Determination

ODB - Original Design Basis

ODCM - Offsite Dose Calculation Manual

ODCSOP - Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ODFA - Oil Directed Forced Air

ODSCC - Outer Diameter Stress Corrosion Cracking

ODYN - One-Dimensional Core Transient Model for Boiling Water Reactors [from GE]

OE - NRC Office of Enforcement

OE - Operating Experience

OECD - Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

OEG - Operational Exposure Guidance [from DoD 3150.8-M]

OEMT - Operational Emergency Management Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

OGC - Office of General Counsel (NRC)

OITS - Open Items Tracking System

OL - operating license

OLM - On-line monitoring

OLTP - Original Licensed Thermal Power

OM - Operating Manual

OOT - Out of Tolerance

OP - Operating Procedure

OBE - Operating-Basis Earthquake

OLMCPR - Operating Limit Minimum Critical Power Ratio

OMA - Operator Manual Action (typically in response to a fire)

OMS - overpressure mitigation system

ONS - Oconee Nuclear Station (ONS-1, ONS-2 and ONS-3)

OOS - Out-of-service

OPL - Operating Parameters for Licensing

OPLAN - Operations Plan [from DoD 3150.8-M]

OPNAVINST - Chief of Naval Operations Instructions

OPR1000 - Optimized Power Reactor 1000 (South Korea)

OPREP - Chief of Naval Operations Instructions

OPRM - Oscillation Power Range Monitor

OPSEC - Operational Security [from DoD 3150.8-M]

OQA - Office of Quality Assurance

OR - Occupational Radiation Safety

OR - On-Site Representative

ORAU - Oak Ridge Associated Universities

ORISE - Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

ORNL - Oak Ridge National Lab

ORP - Office of River Protection (Hanford)

ORS - South Carolina Office of Regulatory Staff

OSC - On-Scene Commander [from DoD 3150.8-M]

OSC - Operations Support Center

OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense

OST - Operations Surveillance Test

OTSG - Once Through Steam Generator

OWS - Off Site Water System - the system that withdraws water from Monticello Reservoir and provides potable and filtered water for the Units (VC Summer)

P - Primary, I&E Guidelines Component Group (EPRI)

PA - Performance Assessment

PA - Privacy Act

PA - Protected Area

PA - Public Affairs [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PACAF - Pacific Air Forces [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PADEP - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

PAF - Principal Axis Factoring

PAG - Protective Action Guide

PAME - primary amoebic meningoencephalitis

PAO - Public Affairs Officer [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PAR - Protective Action Recommendation

PAR - Passive Autolytic Recombiner (re hydrogen control)

PAR - Preliminary Amendment Request - A formal request to NRC made by licensee which allows licensee to proceed at its own risk with work consistent with an amendment request contained in an LAR prior to approval

PARS - Publically Available Records System

PA-UT - Phased array UT

Pb - Lead

PBAPS - Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station

PBDA - Period Based Detection Algorithm

PBMR - Pebble Bed Modular Reactor

PCA - Polluton Control Act

PCA - Principal Components Analysis

PCAQ - Potential Condition Adverse to Quality report (Davis-Besse)

PCCWST - passive containment cooling water storage tank (AP1000 and Westinghouse SMR)

PCDT - Post-Core Decay Time

pCi/g - picocuries per gram

PCM - Preventive Corrective Maintenance

PCS - passive containment cooling system (AP1000)

PCS - Power conversion system

PCS - Pressure Control System

PCT - Peak Clad Temperature; peak cladding temperature

PCWG - Performance Capability Working Group

PD - performance deficiency

PD - probability of detection (security)

PDR - Public Document Room

PDS - plant damage state

PDSA - Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis

PEC - Pulsed eddy current

PEO - period of extended operation (license renewal)

PEP - Project Execution Plan

PETT - Payments Equal To Taxes

PF - Protection Factor

P/F - Power/Flow

PFB - Prototype Fast Breeder (India)

PFBC - Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission

P(F/E) - Probability of a Failure Event

PFS - Private Fuel Storage LLC.

PGE - Portland General Electric

PG&E - Pacific Gas & Electric

PH - Precipitation-Hardenable (heat treatment)

PHABSIM - Physical Habitat Simulation, model integrates outputs of hydraulic model(s) and species micro-habitat preferences (depth, velocity, and substrate/cover)

PHS - Public Health Service

PI - Performance Indicator(s) (NRC)

PI - project integrator (DOE)

PI - probability of interruption (security)

P&ID - Piping and Instrumentation Drawing(s)

PIE - post-irradiation examination

PIER - Project Issue Evaluation Report

PII - Performance Improvement International

Pike - Pike Energy Solutions, a contractor for transmission and switchyard related work (VC Summer)

PINGP - Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant

PIP - Performance Improvement Program

PIP - Primary Identification Program

PIR (PI&R) - Problem Identification and Resolution (from NRC)

PIRT - Phenomena Identification and Ranking Table

PKL - Pimärkreislauf facility in Erlangen, Germany

PKP - Purple K (fire extinguisher) [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PL - Public Law

PLA - Principal Legal Advisor [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PLFR - Part-length fuel rods

PLS - Plant Control System (Westinghouse SMR)

PL/TB - Pressure Locking/Thermal Binding

PM - Preventive Maintenance

PM - project manager

PM2.5 - particulate matter, 2.5 microns or less in diameter

PM10 - particulate matter, 10 microns or less in diameter

PMDM - Proactive Materials Degradation Management

PMF - probable maximum flood

PMH - Probable Maximum Hurricane

PMMP - Preventive Maintenance Management Program

PMS - protection and safety monitoring system (AP1000)

PMS - Protection Monitoring System (Westinghouse SMR)

PMT - Post Maintenance Test(ing)

PN - probability of neutralization (security)

PNNL - Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PNOV - preliminary notice of violation (DOE)

PNS - Probability of Non-Suppression

PNPP - Perry Nuclear Power Plant

PNPS - Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

PNTL - Pacific Nuclear Transport Limited

POC - Point of Contact [from DoD 3150.8-M]

POD - Probability of detection

POL - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PORV - power-operated relief valve

POS - Plant Operational State; Plant Operating State

PP - Physical Protection

PP - Pump Pit (Savannah River tank farm)

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PPL Bell Bend - PPL Bell Bend, LLC; sponsor of the BBNPP project

PPRP - Participatory Peer Review Panel

PPS - physical protection system (security)

ppt - parts per thousand

PR - Public Radiation Safety

PRA - Probabilistic risk assessment

PRC - Planned Requirements Conversion [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PRFO - Pressure Regulator Failure Open

PRG - Preliminary Remediation Goal

PRHR - The Passive Residual Heat Removal Exchanger unit - a heat exchanger unit that is part of the passive safety system which provides cooling to the AP1000 reactor during emergency situations

PRHR - Passive Residual Heat Removal (Westinghouse SMR)

PRP - Personnel Reliability Program [from DoD 3150.8-M]

PRS - Plant Reference Simulator - a training simulator with full functionality that can be used in all stages of operator training

PSA - Public Service Announcement

PSA - Probabilistic Safety Assessment

PSAEA - PSA-based event analysis

PSD - prevention of significant deterioration

PSE - Pool Side Examination (fuel)

PSE&G - Public Service Electric and Gas Company

PSEG - Public Service Enterprise Group Nuclear LLC

PSF - Performance Shaping Factor

PSHA - Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

psi - Pounds per square inch

psia - Pounds per square inch - Absolute

psid - Pounds per square inch - Differential

PSIG - pounds per square inch - Gauge

PSP - Physical Security Plan (Exelon plants)

PSW - plant service water

P/T - pressure / temperature

PT - Liquid penetrant examination; Liquid penetrant testing

PTS - Pressurized Thermal Shock

Pu - Plutonium

Pu-239 - Plutonium 239 isotope, a preferred weapons material

PUC - Public Utilities Commission

PUREX - Original chemical separation process yielding Plutonium

PW - Pilgrim Watch

PWHT - Postweld Heat Treatment

PWR - Pressurized water reactor, an indirect cycle LWR

PWROG - Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group

PWSCC - primary water stress corrosion cracking

Q - quantile

Q - Quality Factor (see RBE)

QA - quality assurance

QAPD - Quality Assurance Program Document

QARD - Quality Assurance Requirements Description

QC - quality control

QCD - quantum chromodynamics, theory that describes the interactions of quarks and gluons

Q/D - Quantity Distance [from DoD 3150.8-M]

QDPS - qualified data processing system

QGP - quark-gluon plasma [more info]

QHOs - quantitative health objectives (NRC safety policy)

QLRA - Qualitative Risk Assessment

R - Roentgen

R&D - Research and development

RAB - Reactor Auxiliary Building

RAD - Radiation Absorbed Dose

RADCON - Radiological Control [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RADIAC - Radioactivity Detection, Indication, and Computation [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RADS - Reliability and Availability Data System

RAI - Request for Additional Information (NRC)

RAM - Radar Absorbent Materials [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RAMT - Radiological Advisory Medical Team [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RAP - Radiological Assistance Program [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RASCAL - Radiological Air Sampling Counting and Analysis Lab [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RASO - Radiological Safety Officer [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RASP - Risk Assessment Standardization Project (NRC)

RAT - Reserve Auxiliary Transformer

RAW - Risk Achievement Worth

RBCCW - Reactor Building Closed Cooling Water

RBE - Relative Biological Effectivess (the Quality Factor used to convert rads to rems)

RBM - Rod Block Monitor

RC - Root Cause

RCA - Radiological Control Area [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RCA - Radiologically Controlled Area

RCA - Root Cause Analysis - identification and evaluation of the reason for non-conformance, an undesirable condition, or a problem which (when solved) restores the status quo

RCB - Reactor Containment Building

RCCA - Rod Cluster Control Assembly

RCE - Root Cause Evaluation

RCIC - Reactor Core Isolation Cooling

RCL - Radiological Control Line [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RCL - The Reactor Coolant Loop - the piping and related equipment that transports heat from the reactor to the steam generator (AP1000)

RCO - Regional Coordinating Office [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RCP - Reactor Coolant Pump

RCP - Reactor Cooling Pump (AP1000)

RCPB - Reactor Coolant Pressure Boundary

RCS - Reactor Coolant System

RCRA - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

RD - Restricted Data [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RD&D - Research, development, and demonstration

RDC - Regulatory Design Criteria

RDO - regional duty officer (NRC)

REAC/TS - Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site [from DoD 3150.8-M]

Rebar - Reinforcing steel

REIRS - Radiation Exposure Information and Reporting System (NRC)

REM - Roentgen Equivalent Man/Mammal

REMIT - Radiation Exposure Monitoring and Information Transmittal System software (NRC)

REMP - Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program

REP - radiological emergency preparedness

REP - radiation exposure permit (see RWP)

RER - Re-Entry Recommendation [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RES - NRC Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research

RF - Radio frequency

RF - Resuspension Factor [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RFA - Robust Fuel Assembly (Westinghouse SMR)

RFECT - Remote-field eddy current testing

RFI - Requests for Information issued by the NRC staff to licensees

RG - NRC Regulatory Guide

RHIC - Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, at Brookhaven

RHR - Residual Heat Removal

RHRSW - Residual Heat Removal Service Water

RHV - Reliable Hardened Vent (required by EA-12-050)

RIC - Regulatory Information Conference (NRC)

RI-FG - Reactor Internals Focus Group (EPRI)

RI/FS - Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RI-ITG - Reactor Internals Issue Task Group (EPRI)

RIP - Reactor Internal Pump (AP1000)

RI/PB - Risk-informed/Performance-based

RIPD - Reactor Internal Pressure Difference

RIR - Reactivity Insertion Rate

RIS - Regulatory Information Summary

RIS - Regulatory Issue Summary

RIS - Representative Important Species

RISP - risk-informed integrated safety performance

RIT - Regulatory Integration Team

RITSTF - Risk-informed Technical Specification Task Force

Rlbloca - realistic large break loss-of-coolant accident

RL - Richland Operations Office (DOE)

RLB - Recirculation Line Break

RLE - review level earthquake

rms - root mean square

RMS - Radiation Monitoring System

RMSC - PWROG Risk Management Subcommittee

RNO - Response Not Obtained

RNP - H.B. Robinson Steam Electric Plant, Unit 2

RO - Reactor Operator

RO - Refueling Outage

ROC - radionuclide of concern

ROE - Rules of Engagement [from DoD 3150.8-M]

ROP - Reactor Oversight Process; Regulatory Oversight Process

ROTSG - Replacement Once Through Steam Generator

ROW - Right-of-way

ROWS - remotely operated weapon system

RPC - replacement-power cost

RPM - Remedial Project Manager [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RPS - Reactor Protection System

RPT - radiation protection technician

RPT - recirculation pump trip

RPV - Reactor Pressure Vessel

RRCS - Redundant Reactivity Control System

RR - relief request (from n-plant to NRC)

RRS - Reactor Recirculation System

RRW - risk-reduction worth

RS - Residual stress

RSD - required standoff distance (security)

RSG - Replacement Steam Generator

RSICC - Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (Oak Ridge National Lab)

RSL - Regional Screening Level

RSP - Remote Shutdown Panel

RSP - Render Safe Procedure [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RSPS - Risk Significant Planning Standard

RSW - remote shutdown workstation (AP1000)

RT - Radiographic testing

RT - Reactor Trip

RTF - Response Task Force [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RTNDT - Reference Temperature of the Nil-Ductility Transition

RTP - Rated Thermal Power

RTR - Real-Time Radiography [from DoD 3150.8-M]

RTS - RTS Wright Industries

RV - Reactor Vessel

RVH - Reactor Vessel Head

RVI - Reactor Vessel Internals Program

RVNEA - Reactor Vessel Neutron Embrittlement Analysis

RW - River Water

RWCU - reactor water cleanup

RWE - Rod Withdrawal Error

RWM - Rod Worth Minimizer

RWP - Radiation Work Permit

RWQCB - Regional Water Quality Control Board

RWST - Refueling Water Storage Tank

Rx - Reactor

ry - Reactor Year (generally in the context of an event frequency)

s - second(s)

SAAM - Special Assignment Airlift Mission [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SACE - Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

SACS - Safety Auxiliary Cooling System (Hope Creek)

SAFDL - Specified Acceptable Fuel Design Limit

SAFW - Standby Auxiliary Feedwater

SAG - Severe Accident Guideline

SAM - Small Article Monitor

SAMA - Severe Accident Mitigation Alternatives

SAMDA - Severe Accident Mitigation Design Alternatives

SAMG - Severe Accident Management Guidelines

SAPHIRE - Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-on Integrated Reliability Evaluations

SAR - Safety Analysis Report

SAS - secondary alarm station (security)

SASSI - A System for Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction (seismic software)

SASW - Spectral analysis of surface waves

SBLOCA - small break loss-of-coolant accident

SBO - Station Blackout Event

SBPCS - Steam Bypas Pressure Control System

SC87-5 - Scientific Committee 87-5 (NCRP)

SCALE - computer code for decay heat and radionuclide inventories

SCBA - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCC - Stress Corrosion Cracking

SCCI - Substantive Cross-Cutting Issue

SCCW - Supplemental Cooling Chilled Water

SCDHEC - South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

SCDNR - South Carolina Department of National Resources

SCF - Stress Concentration Factor

SCI - Sensitive Compartmented Information [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SCIAA - South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology

SCP - Safeguards Contingency Plan (Exelon plants)

SCR - selective catalytic reduction

SCV - Sump Coupling Valve (Westinghouse SMR)

SCWE - Safety Conscious Work Environment

SCWR - Supercritical water reactor

SD - shut down

SDC - Shutdown Cooling

SDIV - Steam Drum Isolation Valve (Westinghouse SMR)

SDP - Significance Determination Process (NRC)

SDS - Shutdown Seal (PWR reactor coolant pumps)

SEAB - Secretary of Energy Advisory Board

SEANWFZ - Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone

SECORD - Secure Cord Switchboard [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SECY - USNRC Office of the Secretary

SEIS - supplemental environmental impact statement

SEM - Scanning Electron Microscope

SEO -Senior Energy Official

SEP - Systematic Evaluation Program

SER - safety evaluation report

SES - Self-hardening Engineered Subgrade

SET - Separate Effects Test

SEU - slightly enriched uranium

SF - Severity Factor

SFCP - Surveillance Frequency Control Program

SFO - Senior FEMA Official

SFP - Spent Fuel Pool

SFP - Support Foundation Pad

SFPO - NRC's Spent Fuel Project Office

SFPSS - Spent Fuel Pool Scoping Study

SG - Steam Generator

SGDV - Steam Generator Depressurization Valve (Westinghouse SMR)

SGF - Super High Frequency [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SGI - safeguards information

SGTP - Steam Generator Tube Plugging

SGTR - steam generator tube rupture

SGTRG - State Geologists Technical Review Group

SGTS - Standby Gas Treatment System

SHB - Shroud Head Bolt

SHM - Structural health monitoring

SHPO - State Historic Preservation Office or Officer

SI - Safety Injection

SIL - Service Information Letter

SILEX - enrichment process - separation of isotopes by laser excitation

SIP - Shelter Implementation Plan (Chernobyl)

SISBO - Self-induced Station Blackout

SITREP - Situation Report [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SJAE - Steam Jet Air Ejector

SL - severity level

SLC - standby liquid control

SLDA - Shallow Land Disposal Area (Pennsylvania site)

SLMCPR - Safety Limit Minimum Critical Power Ratio

SLO - Single-Loop Operation

SLOCA - Small Loss of Coolant Accident

SLOSH - Sea, Lake, Overland Surge from Hurricanes (storm surge model)

SM - Subtraction Method (Soil-Structure Interaction analysis)

SMA - seismic margins analysis

SMAW - shielded metal arc welding

SMP - Structures Monitoring Program

SMR - Small Modular Reactor

Sn - Design stress intensity

S/N - Signal-to-noise ratio

SNGS - Salem Nuclear Generating Station

SNC - Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc.

SNF - spent nuclear fuel

SNL - Sandia National Laboratories

SNM - Special Nuclear Material

SNS - Spallation Neutron Source (Oak Ridge)

SOFA - Status of Forces Agreement [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SO2 - Sulfur dioxide

SOI - Signal Operating Instructions [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SoK - State of Knowledge

SOKC - State of Knowledge Correlation

SONGS - San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

SONGS - San Onofre Nuclear [Waste] Generating Station (antinuc)

SOx - sulfur oxide(s)

SP - Suppression Pool

S&P - Standard & Poor's

SPC - Suppression Pool Cooling

SPAR - Standardized Plant Analysis Risk (model)

SPDS - safety parameter display system

SPID - Screening, Prioritization and Implementation Details

SPPH - Spray Pond Pump House (Limerick)

SPSS - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

SQUID - Superconducting quantum interference device

SR - Safety Related

SR - Site Remediation [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SR - Surveillance Requirement

SRA - senior reactor analyst (NRC)

SRA - Stress relief annealed

SRBC - Susquehanna River Basin Commission

SRDC - Safety Related Design Conditions

SRM - Source Range Monitor

SRM - Staff Requirements Memorandum (NRC)

SRO - Senior Reactor Operator

SRP - Savannah River Project (name has since been changed to SRS)

SRP - Standard review plan

SRP - Site Remediation Plan [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SRS - Savannah River Site

SRT - seismic review team

SRXB - NRC Reactor Systems Branch

SRV - Safety Relief Valve

SRVDL - Safety Relief Valve Discharge Line

SRWG - Site Remediation Working Group [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SS - stainless steel

SSA - Safe Shutdown Analysis

SSB - Single Sideband [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SSC - Seismic Source Characterization

SSC - System(s), Structure(s), and (or) Component(s)

SSD - Safe Shutdown

SSE - Safe-Shutdown Earthquake

SSEL - Safe Shutdown Equipment List

SSES - Susquehanna Steam Electric Station

SSHAC - Senior Seismic Hazard Analysis Committee

SSHT - Surveillance Specimen Holder Tube (PWR internals)

SSLB - Small Steam Line Break

SSN or SSAN - Social Security Number

SSU - safety systems unavailability

SSWICS - Small Scale Water Ingression and Crust Strength

ST - Surveillance Test

STA - Shift Technical Advisor

STANAG - Standard Agreement [from DoD 3150.8-M]

Stars - Strategic Teaming & Resource Sharing alliance (Ameren UE, TXU Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Wolf Creek NOC, STP NOC, and Arizona PSC)

STMO - Main Steam Line Break Outside Containment

STP - Standard Temperature and Pressure

STPNOC - South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company

STRP - Sea Turtle Restoration Project

STS - Standard Technical Specification(s)

STSSN - Sea Turtle Stranding and Salvage Network

STU-III - Secure Telephone Unit Third Generation [from DoD 3150.8-M]

STUK - Finnish Radiation & Nuclear Safety Authority

SU - startup

SU - survey unit

Su - Ultimate stress

SUNSI - sensitive unclassified non-safeguards information

SUPP-DG - supplemental diesel generator

Sv - sievert(s), special unit of dose equivalent

SVI - Surveillance Instruction (Perry)

SW - Service Water (System)

SWOP - Special Weapons Ordnance Publication [from DoD 3150.8-M]

SWPS - solid waste processing system

SWR - Security Work Request (Nine Mile Point)

SX - Essential Service Water (Braidwood)

SY - Yield stress

T ot (HP 3) - Tritium

T - Time [from DoD 3150.8-M]

TAC/LGX - Tactical Air Force Communications/Logistics Plans [from DoD 3150.8-M]

TACSAT - Tactical Satellite [from DoD 3150.8-M]

TAL - Tapped Anchor Location

TBCCW - Turbine Building Closed Cooling Water

TBq - terabecquerel

TBV - Turbine Bypass Valve

TCD - thermal conductivity degradation (re fuel pellets)

TCV - Turbine Control Valve

TDA - target-distributed accelerators

TDAR - Thermal Discharge Assessment Report

TDR - Time Delay Relay

TELEX - Telephone Exchange [from DoD 3150.8-M]

TER - Technical Evaluation Report

TFSP - Turbine First-Stage Pressure

T/G - Turbine/Generator

Th - Thorium. Th-232 is fertile, and can be converted to fissile U-233 in a reactor

THERP - Technique for Human Error Rate Prediction

THMC - thermal-hydrological-mechanical-chemical

THPO - Tribal Historic Preservation Office

TIP - Traversing In-core Probe

TLAA - time-limited aging analysis

TLD - Thermo-Luminescent Dosimeter

TLO - Two (recirculation) Loop Operation

TLR - Technical Letter Report (Argonne National Lab)

TLRC - Top Level Regulatory Criteria

TLTR - Thermal Power Optimization Licensing Topical Report (NEDC-32938P-A)

T&M - test and maintenance

T/M - test or maintenance

TM - Temporary Modification

TMI 2 - Three Mile Island Unit 2 nuclear plant

TN - Transnuclear Inc.

TNT - Trinitrotoluene

TO - Tritium water vapor (also HTO)

TOFD - Time-of-flight diffraction

TOG - Top-of-the-grade (re: spent fuel storage pad)

TOL - Thermal Overload

TP - Technical Publication [from DoD 3150.8-M]

TPA - total performance assessment (NRC program re Yucca Mountain)

TPO - Thermal Power Optimization

TR - Technical Report

TRACE - TRAC/RELAP Advanced Computational Engine

TRC - Total Residual Chloride

TRIGA - Teaching Research Isotope General Atomic

TRP - Technical Requirements Program

TRU - Transuranic elements, being those having an atomic number higher than uranium

TS - Technical Specification(s)

TS - Time series

TSAR - Thermal Power Optimization Safety Analysis Report

TSC - Technical Support Center

TSC - transportable storage canisters (spent fuel casks)

TSP - tube sheet plate (steam generators)

TSPA - total system performance assessment (DOE program re Yucca Mountain)

TSR - NRC's Temporary Storage Rule (final rule regarding Consideration of Environmental Impacts of Spent Fuel After Cessation of Reactor Operation, 75 Fed. Reg. 81,032, Dec. 23, 2010)

TSV - Turbine Stop Valve

TT - Turbine Trip

TTW - Tube-to-tube wear (re: San Onofre steam generator tubes)

Tu - Tuballoy

TUSNE - Trades Unions for Safe Nuclear Energy (UK)

TVA - Tennessee Valley Authority

TWP - Technical Work Plan

TWX - Teletypewriter Exchange [from DoD 3150.8-M]

TYCOM - Type Commander [from DoD 3150.8-M]

U - Uranium

U-235 - Uranium isotope that is least abundant, and fissile/a preferred weapons material capacity

U-238 - Uranium isotope that is most abundant

uCi - microcurie(s)

uCi/m2 - microCuries per meter squared

uCi/m3 - microCuries per cubic meter

uCi/ml - microcuries per milliliter

uGy - microgray(s)

um - micrometer(s)

uSV - microsieverts

UAMs - unreviewed analysis methods

UB - Upper Bound

UCB - Upper Core Barrel

UCP - Upper Core Plate

UCT - Universal Coordinated Time [from DoD 3150.8-M]

UFSAR - Updated Final Safety Analysis Report

UHF - Ultra High Frequency

UHS - Ultimate Heat Sink

UIDS - Underwater Intrusion Detection System

UIN - Uncompleted ITAAC Notification (NRC)

UN - uranyl nitrate

UNE - underground nuclear explosion

UNESA - Spanish Electricity Producers Association

UPS - Uninterruptable Power Supply

UREX - Separations process for recovery of uranium from spent fuel

URI - Unresolved Item (NRC)

URL - Underground Research Laboratory

URS - URS Corporation

USAR - Updated Safety Analysis Report

USE - Upper Shelf Energy

USP - Upper Support Plate (PWR internals)

UOX - Uranium oxide

U.S. - United States

USA - U.S. Army

USACE - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

USAF - U.S. Air Force

USAFE - U.S. Air Forces in Europe

USANCA - U.S. Army Nuclear and Chemical Agency

USAR - Updated Safety Analysis Report

USBR - United States Bureau of Reclamation

USC - U.S. Code

USCA - U.S. Code Anotated

USCB - U.S. Census Bureau

USCINCACOM - U.S. Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command

USCINCEUR - U.S. Commander in Chief, European Command

USCINCPAC - U.S. Commander in Chief, Pacific Command

USCINCSO - U.S. Commander in Chief, Southern Command

USDA - U.S. Department of Agriculture

U. S. DOE - U. S. Department of Energy

USE - Upper Shelf Energy

USEC - U.S. Enrichment Corp.

USEPA - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

USFORSCOM - U.S. Army Forces Command

USFWS - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

USG - U.S. Government

USGS - U.S. Geological Survey

USI - Unresolved Safety Issue

USMC - U.S. Marine Corps

U. S. NRC - U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

UT - Ultrasonic Testing (a Volumetric NDE method)

UTR - Upper Three Runs (Savannah River tank farms)

UTRA - UTR Aquifer (Savannah River)

UTR-LZ - UTRA-Lower Zone (Savannah River)

UTR-UZ - UTRA-Upper Zone (Savannah River)

UTS - Upper Thermal Shield (PWR internals)

V - Volt

V2G - Vehicle-to-grid (selling electricity stored in your car battery)

VA - Vital Area (security)

VA - vulnerability analysis (security)

VAC - Volts Alternating Current

Valdor - Values in Decisions on Risk conference (Stockholm, June 2003)

VBS - vehicle barrier system

VCCs - vertical concrete casks

VCT - Vertical Cask Transporter

VDC - Volts Direct Current

VEF - ITAAC Closure Verification Evaluation Form (NRC)

VEGP - Vogtle Electric Generating Plant

VFTP - Ventilation Filter Testing Program

VHF - Very High Frequency

VHL - Very Heavy Loads

VHRA - Very High Radiation Area

VHTR - Very-High-Temperature Reactor, a graphite-moderated, helium-cooled reactor (one of the so-called Gen IV designs)

VIO - Cited Violation (NRC)

VIPER - Vibration Investigation and Pressure drop Experimental Research

VISA - Vulnerability Integrated Security Assessment

VIT - Technical Research Center of Finland

VNIINM - Bochvar Institute (Russia)

VOICES - Verification of ITAAC Closure, Evaluation, and Status (NRC)

VSD - Variable Speed Drive

VT - Visual Testing (a Visual NDE method that includes VT-1 and VT-3)

VTDB - vent, drain and branch lines

V&V - Verification and Validation

VVM - Vertical Ventilated Module (Holtec, re: spent fuel casks)

VWO - Valves Wide Open

W or Wd - Recirculation Drive Flow

WANO - World Association of Nuclear Operators, a world-wide owners group for improvement of operations

WATS - Wide Area Telephone Service

WBAN - Weather Bureau-Army-Navy

WBN - Watts Bar Nuclear Plant

WCD - NRC's Waste Confidence Decision Update, 75 Fed. Reg. 81,037 (Dec. 23, 2010)

WEC - Westinghouse Electric Company

WGI - Washington Group International

WHO - World Health Organization

WHS - Warhead Section [from DoD 3150.8-M]

WHSR - White House Situation Room [from DoD 3150.8-M]

WHUT - waste holdup tank

WIGs - WIGs - Wildly Important Goals (from Palisades Safety Culture Action Plan, 2012)

WLI - Water Level Instrumentation

WO - Work Order

WOG - Westinghouse Owners Group (now the PWROG)

WPS - Welding Procedure Specification

WQCB - California Water Quality Control Board

WRAMC - Walter Reed Army Medical Center

WRPS - Washington River Protection Solutions

WRS - weld residual stresses

WSMR - Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor

W-SMR - Westinghouse Small Modular Reactor

WSN - Wireless sensor network

WTO - World Trade Organization

WTP - Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (Hanford)

WUA - Weighted Usable Area, an index of available habitat

WUS - Western United States

WWF - Warm Water Fishery

X - Existing, I&E Guidelines Component Group (EPRI)

XFMR - transformer

XL - Extra-Long Westinghouse Fuel

xLPR - extremely low probability of rupture (probabilistic analysis code for welds)

XRD - X-ray diffraction

YAG - yttrium-aluminum-garnet (laser beam welding)

YMEs - Yucca Mountain equivalents, referring to fuel storage capacity

YMP - Yucca Mountain Project

YMRP - Yucca Mountain Review Plan

yr - year

ZOI - Zone Of Influence

ZPA - zero period acceleration

ZR - zirconium

7Q10 - Seven-day, consecutive low flow with a ten-year return frequency


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