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    August 29, 2012

    Beyond design basis reactor safety - How FLEX fits in (NEI 12-06, Aug 2012)

    ... The size of the tsunami that hit Fukushima Dai-ichi was not accounted for in the plant's design basis. Although the ability to predict the magnitude and frequency of beyond-design-basis external events (BDBEE) such as earthquakes and floods may be improving, and design bases for plants include some margin, some probability will always remain for a beyond-design-basis external event. As a result, though unlikely, external events could exceed the assumptions used in the design and licensing of a plant, as demonstrated by the events at Fukushima. Additional diverse and flexible strategies that address the potential consequences of these “beyond-design- basis external events” would enhance safety at each site.

    The consequences of postulated beyond-design-basis external events that are most impactful to reactor safety are loss of power and loss of the ultimate heat sink. This document outlines an approach for adding diverse and flexible mitigation strategies—or FLEX— that will increase defense-in-depth for beyond-design-basis scenarios to address an ELAP and loss of normal access to the ultimate heat sink (LUHS) occurring simultaneously at all units on a site...

    Source: Nuclear Energy Institute, "Diverse and Flexible Coping Strategies (FLEX) Implementation Guide", NEI 12-06, August 2012, p. 1 (pdf p. 9) (Note: I'm experimenting with the link shortener. It makes you wait for 5 seconds while an ad displays before the destination link is accessible. If you find that too onerous, here's the direct link
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    Here's the bulk of info in ADAMS database about this document

    Accession Number: ML12242A378
    Estimated Page Count: 107
    Document Date: Tue Aug 21 2012
    Document Type: Policy and Program Guidance
    Document Title: NEI 12-06, Rev. 0, "Diverse and Flexible Coping Strategies (Flex) Implementation Guide."
    Author Affiliation: Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)
    Addressee Affiliation: NRC/NRO, NRC/NRR
    Docket Number: PROJ0689
    Case Reference Number: JLD-ISG-2012-01, NRC-2012-0068
    Document Report Number: NEI 12-06, Rev. 0
    Keyword: DPCautoadd, ems2, nxp, OARC20120829AGC -Changed Availability, Removed MD Code, Added SUNSI Comment, Review and Release Date, oarc20120829wjd1, Removed- Non Public - Review for Release Upon Request +rur, SUNSI Review Complete, utsPARS
    Package Number: ML122420493
    Document Date Received: Wed Aug 29 2012
    Comment: EIE Submittal
    Date to be Released: Wed Aug 29 2012
    File Name: E120828t150001_2..08-21-12_NRC_Transmittal of NEI 12-06, Rev. 0_Attachment.pdf
    Content Size: 3330244.0


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